AVM gGmbH has been organizing international youth meetings, internships abroad and overseas trips for more than 25 years. So there were youth encounters with Italy and Bulgaria. Internships took place in France, Austria and the Czech Republic. Experiential rides went to Austria, Denmark. Holland, Poland, Morocco and the Czech Republic.

The experiences gained by socially disadvantaged young people in international encounters fostered an understanding of the issues of cultural differences, mobility in the European labor market and the diversity of living and working environments.

Youth Encounter

Youth in Europe – Youth in Action

Since 2007, there have been ongoing youth encounters with a Bulgarian partner group in Rüsselsheim and Plovdiv / Kotl. As part of the European Youth in Europe – Youth in Action program, young people from AVM gGmbH’s gastronomic education and pupils from the National Gymnasium of Fine Arts and Theater from Plovdiv met to discuss “Border-Team Experience and Cultural Presentation “To diverge. As a documentation of this international youth meeting, a bilingual brochure was created, which is requested from the AVM gGmbH.

2. Bilateral Youth Exchange

Bilateral youth exchanges have been held in recent years regularly with the vocational orientation class “Qualification and employment of young people” of the AVM gGmbH and the vocational school Szaraznad NOK / Budapest in Rüsselsheim.
The aim of the exchanges was to get to know the partner group and to inform themselves about the cultural history of the European Union and the training opportunities in Germany.

The German group organized a program for the entire visit. In addition to offers such as group finding and sports activities, the groups in the training workshop worked on a common product. In addition, the students took a trip to the center of the European Union at Gelnhausen, visited the Adam Opel AG and the Rüsselsheim Industrial Museum. A farewell party rounded off the visit.
Ten German and ten Hungarian students participate in the exchange program.